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Bird of Paradise

 The Witch

 The Bird of Paradise 

"The bird of paradise is known for it's highly entertaining yet graceful mating dance" 

This mating dance was the inspiration for Zoe Bizoe's burlesque act.

A person is chosen from the audience to participate in this highly entertaining and extremely funny act.
The connection between audience and performer has never been closer or more intense.

This act has won 7 international titles and is performed to the devine music of Yma Sumac.


This act is inspired on a love story Zoe Bizoe brings in her comedy solo show. 


The  witch falls inlove with a normal boy who has the most beautiful voice she ever heard. 

He starts writing her love songs and in response she dances and strips to his songs.


Only for the crowd to discover that this boy is Frank Sinatra and his songs "Witchcraft" & "Fly me to the moon" are songs he wrote especially for her. 


If you are all about fantasy, magic, witches and forbidden love, this act will be up your magical alley!  



"Genderfluid" a Drag King Act

Burlesque does not discriminate. Not is size, race, sexual orientation or in gender.


Boys can be girls, girls can be boys and everything in between. The possibilities are endless! 

This particular act has an incorporated element that Zoe Bizoe is known to stand for: The "free the nipple" movement.  

This act is all about gender equality, freedom of identity & freedom of expression.

Next to that, it's also funny as hell! 

Good girl, Devil girl

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. 

Ever wanted to see what happens when you release your inner devil?


The Feathered Showgirl

The roaring 20s are back!

Classical feather dance with or without stripping.
You choose! 


Femme Fatale

Belgian singer & pianist legend Raymond van het Groenewoud has made the most sexy song ever in Flemish


To celerbrate her love for this artist and to get out of her comfortzone of "clowning around" Zoe Bizoe has created this dance to show the audience that she too can be a Burlesque Femme Fatale. 


In the song Raymond sings "Ze weet niet wat ze doet en ze doet het zo verschikkelijk goed" which freely translated means: "She doesn't know what she's doing but she does it so very well" 


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